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Graham’s room.

When I was pregnant, we had the task of determining where to put our kids with the addition of the new baby. We contemplated putting the baby in with one of the older kids, moving the older kids in together or moving our oldest downstairs to her own room. In the end, we decided to keep them all separate by moving Lilah into what was once our guest/toy room downstairs.

This meant that we moved Graham into Lilah’s old room (keeping the nursery for the pending baby). Not only was it decorated for a girl, it was DISGUSTING. The walls were beyond nasty. The first thing we did was paint it and it immediately felt beautiful. The wall color didn’t change that much, we just painted it a little bit warmer gray.

We didn’t have to buy any furniture, thankfully. We are borrowing the crib from family, and we weren’t moving the dresser and play table to Lilah’s new room. The super cool “G” toy box was built by my incredibly talented brother last year for Graham’s birthday. We love it because there is no hinged lid to come crashing up and down. The two doors slide back and forth perfectly.

The license plates belonged to Brady’s grandfather and had been stashed in our garage for years. I was happy to use them – and surprised to find four that matched the colors in the room!

The growth chart was made by Graham’s aunt Casi – it was also a gift last year for his birthday. Don’t we have the most talented family??

I painted/collaged these canvases a while back for the kids’ toy room. They are modeled after these prints. The two globes were auction finds and just needed a coat of paint – they had gold hardware on them before.

And I made the “Oh, the places you’ll go” sign. I have always loved that Dr. Seuss book and with the globes below, it just made sense. You can’t tell it in these photos, but I used sheets of lined notebook paper to make the letters – they are decoupaged on. We had this huge canvas hanging in our garage that was from Brady’s college days. He and his college roommates had it hanging at their house and whenever they had a party, guest would sign it. See below for the before. You might notice my name in big red marker in the middle – that is from our early dating days 🙂

And the little guy has loved his room. Of course, it is always WAY messier than this. He is really into trains now, so there is constantly a layer of little train cars and tracks covering the floor. It’s a dangerous place to walk.

And we are happy with the way that we separated our kids. Lilah has been sleeping great downstairs and surprisingly, has never once questioned being so far away from us. I guess she’s too little to realize it. I’m just glad that the two older ones are sleeping all night, cause this baby boy is not!

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  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE the “places you’ll go” sign. As a former teacher, and now going to be a stay at home mom to my new baby in my tummy as well as the baby we are adopting from Africa…this sign couldn’t be cooler. And it just so happens my walls are gray and I am using globes in my room 🙂
    So….I might just copy you on the awesome sign!! How did you make the letters…did you have something to trace from or did you go freehand? Awesome job!!

  • I just printed out an outline of the letters from my computer and cut out by hand. You can’t tell in the photos, but I printed on lined notebook paper, which gives it a nice layer of pattern. Good luck with yours!

  • The “OH, THE PLACES YOU’LL GO” canvas will be perfect at our house! I purchased the canvas this morning, and I want to start the project tomorrow. Do you remember exactly what kind/color paint you used for the background?

  • Wow… I totally love this. I love love love the numbered canvases. 🙂 Those are right up my alley. I have a similar growth chart I was working on for my grandbaby (on canvas).

    You did an amazing job!!!

  • Guess what? I pinned this to my pintrest, and someone MADE THIS for my baby shower… are that cool 🙂 Feel honored that you have been copied! haha!! Thanks for the idea!!

  • I was wondering what type of paint you used on the “Oh, the places you’ll go” sign? Also, did you just use thin notebook paper for the letters and modge podge?

  • I am in love with the canvas!! I am seriously the least creative person in this world!! Would you consider making/selling another one?? Your son’s room is amazing!!!

  • I also just realized you are from Wichita from your etsy page. My husband is from Kansas and most of his family still lives there. My sister-in-law lives there and I might could talk her into picking up canvas if you are up to making it. Totally understand if not! Great site!

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