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Mar 26

Tricky, tricky.

Lilah is learning new things every day and I caught some of her latest ones on video.

If you want to fast forward to the best parts: 0:50, 2:20

Took care of a little craving for some hands-on creativity this weekend and made a patchwork cover for my very ugly, old address book.

I was able to use up some of the scraps I had kept from Lilah’s baby quilt, which always feels good. What also feels good? Making something and keeping it for MYSELF! Seems I’m always satisfying somebody else’s need – a handmade birthday gift, a client’s rush job, my boss’ direction, and on and on.

One of my online crushes, Karen Russell, is offering an online class for photography, which I am SO wanting to take. Her stuff is beautiful. I love that it’s so real and the colors are always beautiful. She really knows how to capture the moment. I’m so tired of trying to get everybody to look at the camera (and failing at it), guessing at which settings are right for the lighting I have, and ending up with crap for pictures. Seems like I only get one good one for every 30 or 40 I snap! And that’s not an exaggeration!

The perfect example: Easter weekend. There we were with an ADORABLE little girl with an ADORABLE little Easter dress on and I end up with some half-baked photos. Even after I played with them in Photoshop, they still aren’t anything to get excited about. They just don’t do the day justice.

So, maybe I’ll save up my $250 and get in line with the other 400 people that are dying to take her class (which only has room for 50). I had better luck getting the Jewel tickets than I will have at that!

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Jan 30

Yet another project STARTED.

It seems I always have projects started, but rarely do I ever wrap them up! I could start a whole blog just dedicated to the crafts/projects that I have in the works. I guess it’s a good sign I’ll never get bored!

At least today I wasn’t in it alone. My mom, great-aunt Nonie and I began to work on the next baby quilt for my neice who’s still in the oven. She’s due March 17 (Yep, St. Patty’s) and we call her Baby Jill, since big brother is Jak. Cute, huh?

The work we did tonight was one of my favorite parts of the quilt-making process: cutting all the fabric out.

Oh, and I finally found a solution for all the ribbon I’ve been hoarding. Ok, not all, but most of it. What’s a girl to do?

Plus, for any of you who need your “Lilah Fix” as my friend Adriene calls it, here ya go. Nothing too exciting, but I love the end of the video when you can see her little mouth doing all the work.

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