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Aug 12

Something to blog about.

ade another sale on Etsy. A baby book for a little girl named Sailor Mae. How sweet is that. Her nursery is decorated in black and white damask and pink – so I made the book to match. Fun to get back in the creating world.

And for those of you who just visit my blog to see pictures of Lilah, here ya go:


Apr 03

Weekend craft.

Worked on another canvas I thought I might try to sell in my Etsy shop.

I listened to a very inspiring Podcast interview of Anna Maria Horner today – what an awesome story she has. Her fabrics are gorgeous and listening to what she had to say about breaking the craft/handmade industry was very interesting. Plus, she’s adorable and is also busy raising FIVE kids! Holy cow, how does she do that, you ask? Guess you’d better listen to her interview. Below is a sample of her colors/style – this shot is her studio.

And, here’s what Lilah’s up to:

Being EXTREMELY curious.

Lovin’ pancakes, syrup, her cousin Jak and when Jak feeds her pancakes and syrup.

Helping Momma in the kitchen.

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Mar 16

A new life.

I have a new neice! Baby Eva Mae was born last week on March 9th. She is beatiful and wonderful and everything a baby is supposed to be. I am so excited for Lilah’s new BFF.

And for a special baby, there must be some special burp clothes. In other burp cloth news, I sold my first set on Etsy! Within the first day of listing, a woman ordered a set with the letter ‘D’ for her twin nephews that were on the way.

Lilah has just been busting at the seems with energy lately. Brady and I think that her cheeks must just ache from all the grins and smiles she shares.


Feb 21

Stitch and Bitch.

Another week, another night of quilting with the fam. As you can see in the second photo – we are nearing our deadline. But, we only started this project about three weeks ago, so we’re not doing too bad.

As an update to the pending delivery of this baby – Jenny is dilated 1.5 and 50% effaced and feels several contractions a day. Hopefully Baby Jill will be here SOON!

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Jan 30

Yet another project STARTED.

It seems I always have projects started, but rarely do I ever wrap them up! I could start a whole blog just dedicated to the crafts/projects that I have in the works. I guess it’s a good sign I’ll never get bored!

At least today I wasn’t in it alone. My mom, great-aunt Nonie and I began to work on the next baby quilt for my neice who’s still in the oven. She’s due March 17 (Yep, St. Patty’s) and we call her Baby Jill, since big brother is Jak. Cute, huh?

The work we did tonight was one of my favorite parts of the quilt-making process: cutting all the fabric out.

Oh, and I finally found a solution for all the ribbon I’ve been hoarding. Ok, not all, but most of it. What’s a girl to do?

Plus, for any of you who need your “Lilah Fix” as my friend Adriene calls it, here ya go. Nothing too exciting, but I love the end of the video when you can see her little mouth doing all the work.

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Jan 17

On a roll.

Needed a thank you card for my aunt, who made the most ADORABLE little Jackie Clark jacket for Miss Priss. Anyways, figured if I was making one card, why not make six?

And here’s the jacket:

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