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Nov 20

The quilt that almost wasn’t.

In my family, it’s a tradition that each new baby that comes along receives a handmade quilt. Between my mom, my great-aunt, my SIL and I, we have always gotten it done. When my niece, Ela, was born in July, we hadn’t even STARTED a quilt for her! Since then, my mom and I have pulled it together and taken turns to finally finish her blanket. We’ve had several mishaps along the way, but alas, it is DONE! Just in time for winter!

The quilt pattern is called Argyle Dreams (by Jackie Clark). This is the third time I have made this pattern and I still adore it! I absolutely love the frayed, unfinished edges and big diamond argyle pattern.

Ela Sue is nearly four months old now and getting sweeter by the minute. She loves to smile, but, despite all our silly attempts, is really stingy with her giggles. She is the youngest of three and gets LOTS of attention from her older brother and sister.

This morning, I had the pleasure of babysitting them while their dad worked and their mom ran in the Turkey Trot run. (Way to go, Jenny!) While I was there, I snapped a few pictures of them. I can’t help myself – they have the most beautiful eyes!

Jak changed clothes about six times while I was there. In this photo, he is a cowboy getting ready to go to the farm.

My kids and their dad are out of town this weekend and I am in full-on nesting mode here. I have been cleaning, organizing and sorting since they left yesterday. Which means that this baby can come ANYTIME!


Jun 16

Wichita Quilt Show

Prairie Quilt Guild Quilt Show

Every other year, our local quilt guild holds a quilt show. Two years ago was my first one ever and I thought it was really cool! If you are even a little interested in sewing, you will appreciate this event – I promise! I have been looking forward to it for quite some time – the quilts on display there are so beautiful and the talent involved is so apparent. I just wanted to pull them down from the display and snuggle up! There are also dozens of classes, tons of shopping and a raffle for an amazing quilt valued at over $3,600!!

**If you go – Be warned, do NOT touch the quilts! I didn’t know last time! However, there are gloves provided – of course, that kind of takes the fun out of touching.


Jan 25

Old school.


I have been out of school for almost six years now. And I think I am finally starting to miss it. (Wait, did I just say that out loud???)

No, I don’t miss the homework, the studying, the late nights cramming, or the long, cold winter walks to campus.

But, I do miss the learning. Taking home a new idea each day. Am I alone in this?

Lately, it’s become more apparent as I keep adding to my list of classes that I want to take. First, it started with the photography classes. (Which is something that I had always wanted to study while in school, but was too intimidated by.) Then a friend called and asked if I wanted to take wine tasting classes. Then another friend called about cake decorating classes. And I realized I had a problem.

Too many classes. Too little Kylie.

Here’s a list of local classes that are available and I am hoping to get to take part in at some point:

il_fullxfull.118046526 1. Knitting/crocheting – These are available at a local yarn store, Twist. But you can probably ask your grandma or you aunt for a basic lesson. My sister-in-law taught me to knit several years ago (thanks, Casi!), but I’ve never made it past the simple scarf. I found it to be incredibly rewarding and a perfect pastime for the car. Also, helps justify sitting down to watch The Bachelor. I really want to learn to take it further, follow patterns for hats and more. Plus, I really want to learn to crochet.

2. Cooking
– Wichita has a few places to do this. But ever since my good friend, Adriene, started teaching cooking classes out of her home, I have been dying to take some. I always feel like I continually cook the same meals over and over and need introduced to some new techniques/recipes. I am totally eyeing that Superbowl party-themed class.

3. Cake/cookie decorating
– Have you ever been to the Cake Stuff store?!?! You should definitely go. Very, very cool. With both my kids birthdays around the corner, I have really been wishing I had some of these skills.

4. Scrapbooking
– Oven 10 years ago, I worked at Scrapbook Garden. Since then, that industry has evolved and changed in many ways. It has become a very artful hobby, one that I wish I hadn’t abandoned. I have been eyeing some of the mini-book classes (probably because that is something I could actually finish). And as a bonus, they offer FREE scrapbooking 101 and rubber stamping classes. A couple other resources for classes are Bradley Paper and Mrs. O’Leary’s in Old Town. All of these are very cool stores just to visit and get inspired, even if you can’t do the classes.

5. Wine tasting
– Who doesn’t need this as a skill? The WSU continuing education department offers this class in a 4-week session for $100. I have had this class on my radar for several years, but have been pregnant much of that! I’m thinking this is a must! Also, the wine store by my house, Auburn Spirits, hosts wine tasting events a couple times a month.

6. Quilting
– Now, this is definitely a more involved hobby, but I also find quilting to be incredibly rewarding. Nothing better than wrapping your baby in a quilt you made. Again, there are many places to learn the art of quilting, but I’m eying classes at my favorite store, The Picket Fence or an class at the upcoming quilt show.

So, as you can see – lots to learn. I think it’s a good thing!

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Sep 30

Baby Chloe.

chloe1Welcome to the world, Baby Chloe!

Brady’s brother, Joey, and his wife, Casi, had their first child last Wednesday. Chloe Wren Rott. And with such a sweet name she’s bound to be adorable, right? Last weekend, we traveled to Clay Center to meet her and kiss her and hug her and love her. Totally worth the drive.

And with sweet little babies comes sweet little gifts:

A little shirt hand-embroidered by Auntie Micah. She’s so talented. Remember these?

And I got to give her the quilt that I have been working on for her. This is my first quilt-as-a-gift project, and it felt really good. Chloe and I talked and she promised not to look too closely at the messy stitching :) Aunt Kylie is NOT a perfectionist.

Look at these adorable collages that Chloe’s mama made for her. Each piece is cut separately from different papers. Unlike me, Casi IS a perfectionist. In a good way, of course.
chloe3 chloe4

I really wish I had a few photos of the nursery that Casi prepared for her. So sweet. Maybe I’ll get my hands on some photos to share. Who doesn’t love a sweet baby room to oogle over?

So, with Chloe around, that brings the total cousins on that side of the family to EIGHT! That’s a lot of kids in one house for family get-togethers! All of Brady’s family was in Clay Center this weekend to see the new baby, celebrate, etc. Add in Brady’s grandparents, and that is a total of 21 people hanging out! Talk about a full house. The highlight of the weekend was a parade. This was a first for my kids. Lilah was super pumped about the sucker that was thrown to her (she is her mother’s daughter, after all.) She was pretty wide-eyed about all the floats, noise, etc and even covered her ears as the marching band went by. chloe6

Here’s the other vultures, I mean kids, waiting for more candy to be thrown.
chloe7 From left, that’s Carly, Jonas, Reece, Corinne and Silas. Silas is the oldest (7) and did pretty well with letting the little girls have a chance at the candy. Such a gentleman.

And this shot is of Brady’s parents and ALL the grandkids. Even baby Chloe. With all that chaos, she’s probably thinking, “put me back in there!!!”
chloe9 And yes, you can see up Lilah’s skirt. That’s my girl.


Jun 12

And the winner is…

Baby Graham!

I entered Graham (and the quilt that I made him) into a cutest kid contest that was being held by Jackie Clark Designs. AND WE WON!! I am super excited (because of the prize) and super proud (because of all the work that went into the baby AND the quilt)!!

I’ve never really won much of anything before. My dad won a truck once. Seriously, a no-strings-attached brand new Dodge truck. All he did was buy a $10 raffle ticket from some kid! That was a few years ago and he still drives it to this day! The most that I can claim winning was a t-shirt from Hank’s Brewery in Cheney. All I had to do was walk in the door and drink a beer (or seven). Then they drew my ticket number out of the bowl – and I was pretty excited, let me tell ya!

Oh, and last month at Bunco, I won a prize – a cool pair of socks and a nifty note pad, which still makes me proud to write on. (And believe, winning Bunco is nothing to be proud of. There is ZERO amount of skill involved.)

Why is it that winning prizes is so fun??


Feb 21

Stitch and Bitch.

Another week, another night of quilting with the fam. As you can see in the second photo – we are nearing our deadline. But, we only started this project about three weeks ago, so we’re not doing too bad.

As an update to the pending delivery of this baby – Jenny is dilated 1.5 and 50% effaced and feels several contractions a day. Hopefully Baby Jill will be here SOON!

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Jan 30

Yet another project STARTED.

It seems I always have projects started, but rarely do I ever wrap them up! I could start a whole blog just dedicated to the crafts/projects that I have in the works. I guess it’s a good sign I’ll never get bored!

At least today I wasn’t in it alone. My mom, great-aunt Nonie and I began to work on the next baby quilt for my neice who’s still in the oven. She’s due March 17 (Yep, St. Patty’s) and we call her Baby Jill, since big brother is Jak. Cute, huh?

The work we did tonight was one of my favorite parts of the quilt-making process: cutting all the fabric out.

Oh, and I finally found a solution for all the ribbon I’ve been hoarding. Ok, not all, but most of it. What’s a girl to do?

Plus, for any of you who need your “Lilah Fix” as my friend Adriene calls it, here ya go. Nothing too exciting, but I love the end of the video when you can see her little mouth doing all the work.

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