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Nov 01

Coming down from a sugar high.

Well, we survived the week of Halloween! The kids loved it and I am exhausted! They were so cute trick-or-treating last night that I seriously wasn’t ready to stop. Each holiday that comes and goes, I become more aware of how much holidays are all about the kids. Guess my perspective has changed some.

Over the past month, I have found myself wishing away these last weeks of my pregnancy. But then I think twice and realize that I am wishing away a holiday season with Lilah and Graham. Plus, I realize that carrying an unborn baby in my tummy, despite all my complaints, is way less work than caring for a newborn. All the diapers and feedings and laundry and willing the child to sleep! I think I’ll take the indigestion and back pain for a few more weeks.

I have been VERY busy lately with my freelance work, so I have been trying extra hard to keep the kids busy. Now, I wouldn’t say that it’s worked, but I think they like the new activities. Here are a few that I took pictures of.

When I was a kid, I was VERY into rubber stamps. I still have a huge tub of stamps and ink pads that I never use. I let the kids pick a few out and stamp their little hearts out.

About 10 minutes in, they decided that it would be more fun to stack them up and build towers. Knocking them over was just as much fun as getting ink all over our hands and arms.

Last week, during the Halloween madness, I thought I would let the kids attempt to make some treats. My first thought was sugar cookies, which Lilah and I did last year, but remembered how much work that was for me. So I decided I’d try some other treats that looked simple enough. It went pretty well, but again, their attention span wasn’t nearly as long as I hoped. They had the most fun placing eyes on whatever treats we made.

We made ghosts (out of Nutter Butters), spiders (out of chocolate cake mix cookies, pretzels and M&Ms), witches hats (out of Keebler cookies and Hersey Kisses) and “spooky” eyeballs (Bakerella’s cake balls).

And because Lilah has been interested in sorting things lately, I got out her boxes of crayons and let her sort them by color. We used a muffin tin and she sorted through them all two times. Graham “sorted” too, but not with much method. This drove Lilah up the wall but kept them both occupied as she “taught” him how to separate them.

So, keeping them busy often keeps me busy. But at least I feel better about the hours that I don’t give them any attention because I am stuck at my computer.


Jan 04

Snow day.


It’s cold outside. Have you noticed?!?! Why is it that when we grow up, we lose the desire to go outside and play in the snow? Must be due to the fact that we are just smarter now, and aware that warmth inside is so much more comfortable…

Even though it’s against my better judgement and desire, I took Lilah out to play in the snow. Yup, I left a warm, rolling fireplace to go outside in the blistering wind and snow – crazy, huh? What made me do it? Knowing that my sissy-of-a-daughter wouldn’t last more than two minutes out there in it.

And, boy was I right. First, we spent about 20 minutes rounding up and layering on  our snow gear. Once outside, she jumped up and down on the deck for about 30 seconds. Which she thought was hilarious.

The next 30 seconds were spent trying to get down the stairs and into the yard. She didn’t move too fast with all her gear on.

She asked to go down her slide, but I persuaded her to go play in the snow. Still pretty happy and unaware of the cold. 30 seconds later…

She fell. Not so happy anymore: “Snow on my hands!!! Snow on my hands!!!”  She screamed, “their bleeding!!”

The last 30 seconds of our outing were spent climbing back to the house to get inside by that toasty fire!! Much better!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday break and are staying warm!!


Oct 13

He loves me, he loves me not.

flowers3Since I have more time to hang with my kids now, I’m always looking for new projects, crafts or activities that will help keep them busy and hopefully help turn them into artful, brilliant beings someday. Found an idea for this the other day and since it was so simple, thought I should share. If you wanna use flower petals, you’d better act fast, cause they aren’t going to last long in this weather. But, you could also use the fallen leaves and it would give it a totally different look. Perhaps that would be more appropriate for little guys anyways.


All you do is wrap a piece of packing tape around their wrist, with the sticky side out. Then, head outside and show them how to attach their “findings”. Fun, huh?

Wow, I can’t believe this was just last week! The weather is so cold now that these photos look like they were taken in the summer!


And if you have a kid that is too young to participate, just stick them in some dirt/mulch/grass and they will be equally entertained.


Nov 04

Trick or treat.

How much would you love to open your door up to this?

Lilah was a candy corn for Halloween this year – and boy was she sure sweet. No pun intended :) I actually made her costume, which turned out to be no big deal. Pretty simple.

We finally got to carve our pumpkins a day or two before the holiday. My creative juices weren’t flowing that night, so the designs were pretty simple.

Lilah was not too sure what to think of the pumpkin guts. I couldn’t even get her to stick her hand in.

And a couple cute ones to top it off.

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Jul 29

Getting my priorities straight.

Well, I’ll start with my latest big news: I have cut back my hours at the agency to part time. I now only work 3 days each week – Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Why is this awesome? Lemme tell you: Four days each week to be a mommy. Less days to endure the job stress. AND, one little switcheroo of days in and out of the office, and I’ve got a four-day-weekend.

And I did just that this weekend. Went with the fam to Beaver Lake (in Arkansas) and stayed at some friends’ lakehouse. It was FABULOUS. Just what we all needed. Only, we were so sad to leave and felt like there was not enough time there. Oh, well. Hopefully we’ll do it again.

It was a great opportunity for us to put our new boat to use, and a great opportunity to spend some quality time together/with the kids, play some board games, get some sun, do a little shopping, eat some delicious food, etc. My nephew, Jak, loved the water. Lilah, on the other hand, prefered to stay ON the boat. Guess that’s to be expected. Here’s some of the highlights in photos:

Lilah in one of the rare photos where I caught her smile. Anyone have any tips on how to deal with the delay that digital cameras have? I ALWAYS miss the smile!!! (But not this time :)

Miss Eva Mae in her bikini (which was Lilah’s last summer and it makes me a little sad to see her in it. Good thing she’s so darn cute!)

Eva’s contagious smile. She was such a champ on the boat.

Also a champ, Jak rode on the tube with his daddy. His curiosity and fearlessness kills me.

Lilah’s two favorite places. With Daddy and in control.

Another couple of favorites – with Papa and ice cream :) This came right before the smile you saw earlier.

Trever and Brady had to show the boys how its done. The most entertaining part was watching them climb onto the tube…

And this is the whole crew before we loaded up to leave today. Sad but smiling. From left to right: me, my brother, Trever, his son Jak, Brady, Cole (my brother Garrett’s friend), Garrett, my sister-in-law Jenny, her daughter Eva, and that’s my parents sitting down.

And one other completely unrelated photo, but I love it so I had to share. I got to spend a day with all three kids last week and had a great time doing it. Oreos are always a good way to keep them sitting still!


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