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Jan 10

A baby.

Owen Lee Rott, born December 6. Weighed in at 7lbs, 11oz.

A lot has happened since I last updated. We had a baby. We had Thanksgiving. We had Christmas. And we had New Years. And another Christmas with my husband’s family. It’s been busy, to say the least.

Things are finally beginning to slow down. School is back in session and our new little guy is beginning to find a routine. Life as a family of five is good and we couldn’t be happier. Okay, maybe a full night of sleep would make us just a little happier, but other than that…

Since Owen was born, we have been fortunate enough to have two photographers take his pictures. Both turned out awesome and I cannot wait to share them here!

The first photo shoot was just of Owen. He was only a couple weeks old and was still in the really sleepy stage. These pictures were taken by my friend, Sarah Kaiser. She hasn’t been a taking photos professionally for very long, but I think she is doing an amazing job. You can check out more of her work (and her adorable sons) on her blog.

The second photo shoot was of all three kids. Brady’s cousin, Mollie Wetta, took the shots. These were all taken in our bedroom. Mollie did an amazing job – I can’t imagine being tasked with shooting these three. What chaos. She was a trooper and got some really great shots. You can see more of her work (and her adorable daughters) on her blog.

As you can see, the two older kids cannot keep their hands off the little guy.


Oct 26

A new hope chest.

My mother’s side of the family has been working to sort thru some of my grandma’s belongings, as she is living in an assisted living home and my uncle and his wife are moving into her old house. Lucky me, I got dibs on an old chest that she had. It is a beautiful piece and still has the 1941 paperwork stapled to the inside of the lid.
As a child, I remember pulling old mementos out of it, such as her 1947 wedding dress, and straining to imagine that era. My mother always had a memory chest too, a “hope chest” as we called it. And as we grew, it was filled with little pieces of our past. Like our first pair of shoes, our baby blankets or my girl scout sash with all my hard-earned badges.

I had already started small “hope chests” for my children. So when I got my grandma’s chest, I wasn’t sure what to do with it. But it didn’t take long to decide that it would be the perfect home for all our photo albums, which were currently stashed here and there. This inspired me to develop some sort of system for organizing all these photo albums.

One night, with the hubby out of town, I went through each book and jotted down what was inside. I used the digital files on my computer to determine the date range of each album. Once I had a rough chronological order of them, I numbered them.

I used metal-rimmed tags and a circle punch to make the number labels. And I stuck them on with hot glue. Here’s to hoping they stay on!

Taking, sorting, printing and organizing pictures is a huge task! Often, I only print photos once or twice a year. Many times I have questioned why I go thru all the trouble of printing and storing them at all.

My mom always kept photo albums and I LOVED looking thru them. Especially as I got older. I can’t imagine not having those albums to share with my husband when we met. Pictures can really share so much about your past and I am hoping my children appreciate it as much as I do. We’ll see if I can maintain my system and not get too far behind with all the pictures we take…


Jan 21

Merry Christmas to me. And Walgreens.


This was my Christmas present. Pretty pumped about it. Although, there seems to be one flaw with it:

it takes WAY too many pictures!

Seriously. It doesn’t stop. I have no control over it. The shutter button has a mind of its own.

Okay, for real – it is way too much fun to take photos now. I am addicted. My family has been referring to me as the paparazzi.  And we decided to buy some stock in Walgreens photo lab. To support my habit, I suppose.

For anybody who’s wondering, it’s a Canon Rebel T1i and I currently only own one lense: a Canon 50mm 1.8. And I’m still learning how to use it. I have challenged myself to never use the flash on it and keep it in manual shooting mode. So far, so good.

Maybe someday I’ll sort through all these photos and post some! Don’t hold your breath! Okay, here’s one:


What a doll, right? We’re busy here getting ready for his first birthday party and baptism. On Valentines Day. Three celebrations in one – bring on the cake!

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Jan 04

Snow day.


It’s cold outside. Have you noticed?!?! Why is it that when we grow up, we lose the desire to go outside and play in the snow? Must be due to the fact that we are just smarter now, and aware that warmth inside is so much more comfortable…

Even though it’s against my better judgement and desire, I took Lilah out to play in the snow. Yup, I left a warm, rolling fireplace to go outside in the blistering wind and snow – crazy, huh? What made me do it? Knowing that my sissy-of-a-daughter wouldn’t last more than two minutes out there in it.

And, boy was I right. First, we spent about 20 minutes rounding up and layering on  our snow gear. Once outside, she jumped up and down on the deck for about 30 seconds. Which she thought was hilarious.

The next 30 seconds were spent trying to get down the stairs and into the yard. She didn’t move too fast with all her gear on.

She asked to go down her slide, but I persuaded her to go play in the snow. Still pretty happy and unaware of the cold. 30 seconds later…

She fell. Not so happy anymore: “Snow on my hands!!! Snow on my hands!!!”  She screamed, “their bleeding!!”

The last 30 seconds of our outing were spent climbing back to the house to get inside by that toasty fire!! Much better!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday break and are staying warm!!


Oct 07



I took an introductory photography class today. Called Roots. Put on by the wonderful photographers at Gingeroot Studios. (You may remember that name – they took our family photos last year when I was still pregnant.)

It was a great class for a beginner like me and I got everything out of it that I hoped. My goal was to learn enough to help me make an educated decision about which camera to buy before my big 8-week class that starts in January. Now, I can start shopping for cameras and lenses and actually know what all the numbers and specs mean to me and the type of photography I want to take.

A few shots from today:


And a big shout-out to Mollie, who suggested the class to me and graciously let me borrow her fancy camera. AND, I’m super grateful that my mom kept my kids today. Aren’t Grandma’s the best? Thank you!


Sep 03

This is why I take so many freaking pictures.

I fill my camera. And then I fill my back-up memory card. And then I fill my hard drive. And now my back-up drive is full. Plus, I print the pictures and organize them into page after page of albums, then line them up on shelves. Officially, having pictures is a hobby of mine. Not just taking pictures, but looking through them, editing them, sharing them, reflecting, etc, etc. All the things you do with them after the shutter clicks. Take a lot of time and energy.

So, why do I do it? Good question. I ask myself the same thing. Don’t always come up with an answer, but this helps:
Luckily, Lilah (and Jak and Eva) love to look at photo albums. I let them each grab an album from the shelf and they get so excited as they turn the pages, recognizing people and themselves. As Lilah has gotten older, she actually seems to recall some of the memories – or at least I tell myself that. Before we go see friends or family that we haven’t seen lately, I always pull out a book and we talk about who they are.
Lilah really appreciates looking at all these photos we snap, and I hope that never fades. I know that I still enjoy sifting through albums of my childhood and talking over them with my parents. Every photo means something different for them than for me. Like, I remember my incredible 5th birthday and the awesome bike I got, while my mom remembers slaving away on my Rainbow Brite cake up to the last minute before the party.
Mmmmmm, cake…


Jul 13

Say cheese.

I am officially signed up for an online photography class today! And not just any photography class. One that I am super excited about. It’s taught by my dear friend, Karen Russell. Okay, not my dear friend, but a blogger that I’ve actually never met before. But because I keep up with her day-to-day life on her blog, I feel like we are buds. 

Each 8-week class she teaches has 100 openings – and when she opened registration today at 11AM, it filled up in FOUR MINUTES! But thanks to my lightning-fast typing skills, I got enrolled during those minutes. Kinda dorky, but my heart was pounding so hard while I typed! I guess that’s what it feels like to be competitive??? (I don’t have a competitive bone in my entire body.)
The class doesn’t start until January, unfortunately. But that’s okay, cause I don’t even own an appropriate camera right now. (But I’m working on it!) I’m really looking forward to learning how to take some better shots of the fam. 
Thought I’d share some of her photos. She has the cutest little girl that always reminds me of my daughter. (Wonder if there’s a lesson in the class on how to get your toddler to look at the camera and smile?) I think one of the reasons I find her so intriguing is that she is a self-taught photographer. Before that she was a self-taught designer. And before that she was a dental hygenist for 10 years! And this chick isn’t even that old. Pretty inspiring to come so far and find what it is that really makes you happy.

and one of my absolute favorites:
Sidenote: I’ve had many friends discuss with me which camera is the right camera for them. Well, I have no idea, but this blog post that Karen wrote is going to help me decide. Lots of money, so you better choose wisely! 
So, until January, I apologize for the lack of skill in my photos. Know that they will get better!!!


Dec 06

Say Cheese.

For my folks’ 30th wedding anniversary, we gave them a photo session to have a family picture taken of all of us. Besides the weddings four years ago, we had never even done that! So, we finally got into the photographer’s schedule and just got the proofs back.


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