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Feb 08

Valentines DIY

So, with Valentine’s approaching and my son’s birthday this week, I am getting in the crafty mood. Been seeing lots of fun DIY projectsonline recently that I am putting on my “to-do” list. Wanted to share to see if any inspire you the way they have inspired me!

I actually attemped the cake stand this weekend and it was VERY simple. And inexpensive. Only needed to purchase the cardboard circles, and those were like $2 at the cake store. Also really want to get around to the little rose barrettes. I need more hours in the day!

Some of these have tutorials and some are just to give ideas. Enjoy!

1. Bakerella 2. One Charming Party 3. Kady Hope 4. Hanna Hoosier 4. Purl Bee via Twig and Thistle 5. Prudent Baby 6. Sew Mama Sew 7. Ali Edwards


valentine-banner2valentines-bouquet3Screen shot 2010-02-08 at 7.13.37 AMPurlBee_Rose_BarrettesJCasaSMSProjectJan2010envelopesdiycakestand_1FTL1036a00d83451bb3569e20120a86fcf43970b


Jan 28

The hostess with the mostest.

Our little guy is about to turn one. And as I’m trying to keep my mind off the fact that my baby is that old, I’ve been diving into planning his birthday celebration. We are actually baptizing him the same day, plus, it’s Valentine’s Day. So, lots to celebrate!

Have you seen many of the fabulous dessert tables and event design that is out there these days?? It’s incredible! So much attention to detail – it’s fabulous! Don’t believe me? Check some of this out:

This Ragedy Ann party is blowing me away. How cute is this???

And how about this little boy’s party??? Can somebody come pick my jaw up off the floor?

And a very sweet, yet hip, baby shower.


A A beach party that makes me long for summer days.


A super fun peppermint party.


Amy Atlas is like the mother of all dessert table design. (didn’t know there was such thing, did ya?) Wanna be amazed? Go check out her portfolio.

Screen shot 2010-01-27 at 11.32.45 PM

A little different than the birthday parties I was raised on. And while I am in love with all of this and would kill to be able to pull something like that off, I am aware of the fact that it is all overkill. Graham is only one, will never remember and will probably take a nap through half the party anyways. But, a girl can dream, right?


Since his party is on Valentine’s, we’re going with a “King of Hearts” theme. Today’s project was to make a crown for the little guy. I had a couple of other kids underfoot who wanted their own crowns, so they got some of my “prototypes”.



Oct 20

Greens and yellows and browns, oh my.

Went with my friend, Michelle, to a great quilting store, called The Button Hole, in McPherson, KS this weekend. She has never quilted before and was very curious. I am a beginner who pretends to know what she is talking about. We make a funny combination. Anyways, she bought an awesome bunch of fabrics to make a friend a baby quilt, and I, as usual, bought a few mismatched, but beautiful fabrics – and an overambitious quilt pattern. Mostly just came home with some inspiration and motivation to actually get something made.

Also put together a cover for what will be a baby book for the new baby. Kinda boyish, I know. But don’t the floral patterns help girl it up a little?

And, on the family front – here are a few pics of my nephew, Jak’s, 2nd birthday party.


The Cars cake was made by my SIL’s sister, Kathleen. She has quite a knack for cakes and gets more impressive ! So pretty we had a hard time cutting into it.

And one to prove that I am truly pregnant :)


Sep 14

Whew, that was a long post.

Haven’t posted lately cause I’ve been extra busy. Last weekend, we threw my folks a surprise party in honor of my Mom’s 50th birthday and their 30th wedding anniversary. Lots of work to get it all pulled together without them finding out, but in the end, we did it. We had about 100 people show up to surprise them, and it definitely worked!

Anyways, the point is, I’ve been busy lately, but not busy blogging! So, this is going to be a very long run-on post. Sorry :)

Ok, where to start? How about here:

So, this is probably old news for many people, but I had to include anyways. This sonogram is very old – we are having another tomorrow, and maybe I’ll update soon. Baby is due February 12 which makes me almost halfway there!

Here are some photos from our Labor Day getaway we took to Grand Lake. Went with some friends – Kelly, Sarah and Bo Kaiser.

A weenie-roast we had with my family a while back. The kids loved being outside by the fire and, more importantly, the swingset :)

For the party, my sister-in-law, Jenny, and I made ‘s cupcake bites. So fun! I would recommend this project to anybody who loves chocolate, sprinkles and has a little patience :)

The party was a blast to plan and even more fun to enjoy. We had hor’doerves and drinks and a dance. I think everybody had a great time – I know my feet were sore the next day! I had just started to be able to feel the baby move – and the loud music and dancing got the little one going!

My parent’s – 30 years ago!! Check out that suit on Rick!

Table decorations.

My brother gave a very emotional (ha) speech and we all toasted to 30 more years!

My parent’s wedding party! How cute is that?!?

Me and my brother.

My nephew enjoying one of our cake bites.

I didn’t have many great pics from that night because in typical Kylie-fashion, I took my camera, but no batteries!

I’ll wrap this up with some pictures of Miss Lilah, who is doing all kinds of cute things these days like dancing to “Ring around the Rosie” and wearing her hair in a ponytail!!! She also did something really crazy this weekend – she slept until NOON yesterday! That made 16 hours of sleep in one night! We couldn’t believe it and kept going in to check on her, but she was snoozing away.

Okay, I promise not to get so behind again! (Ya, right.)


May 12


Seems we’ve had so many reasons to celebrate lately. My folks’ 30th wedding anniversary. Lilah’s 1st birthday. Mother’s Day. Celebration = lots of yummy desserts :)

We’ve been very busy with work lately, and all the other tasks of life. Preparing for our upcoming vacation to Boston, spring gardening, birthday prep and festivites, etc, etc. Anyways, those are some of my excuses for why I haven’t posted in a while.

I had a tramatic experience while making/decorating Lilah’s cake this weekend. It was late Friday night, after I had worked 12 hours, when I finally got around to it. I woke up the next morning and had to laugh at my efforts – and then start over. See for yourself:

(The first one is the cake in the back. Shameful, I know.)

Don’t have much time to write, but here are some photos from the party, and the party preparation:

These are me working on the cupcake picks and the chocolate chips that were to decorate the cupcakes. To make the chips, I just dyed white chocolate and dropped out babyspoonfuls onto waxed paper. Tip: You cannot color white chocolate with your average liquid-style food coloring. You have to buy the professional, paste-type stuff.

This is Lilah on the morning of her birthday. Pancakes, syrup, balloons = happy one year old.

This is the table that was sitting on our deck when we woke up on Lilah’s birthday. My (very talented) brother made it for her – isn’t it great?!?! (He also sells them, if you’re interested.)

The party:


Feb 25


Welp, it’s official – Lilah is baptized! And it was awesome. I just want to say that I LOVE the baptism sacrament at our church! Rev. Cindy did a wonderful job – my favorite part is when the entire family and congregation take the vows with the parents.

And the vows that Brady and I took were just perfect. “Do you believe that Lilah has God-given talents that are unique to her?”

Yes! Yes!

“Do you vow to bring Lilah up in the Christian faith?”

Yes again!

I don’t think I stopped nodding through all the questions :)

Anyways, Lilah was an angel, of course – and the party went well. We had a great turn out of mostly family and a few friends. The perfect group to share such an occasion with.

Lilah got some great gifts – among them a handmade necklace from my folks, a personalized “Lilah” pillow from her Great-Aunt Mary Kay, and the SWEETEST bib set ever, made for her by her Aunt Casi. My favorite bib was the little weiner-dog with the bell on his collar.

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Feb 19

In the name of the…

This upcoming weekend is Lilah’s baptism and the celebration of it. After much discussion between Brady and I regarding when we should baptize Lilah, we have finally come to a conclusion. The date is set. We’ve met with the preacher and sorted out all the details. I bought her an adorable little dress (okay, TWO adorable little dress – I just couldn’t decide).

For weeks now, I’ve been practice-singing the traditional baptism song to Lilah:
Lilah, Lilah, God Claims You
God helps you, protects you, and loves you too.
We this day do all agree, that in God’s eyes, you’ll always be.

Ok, now don’t quote me on those lyrics – but I LOVE that song. And, conveniently, so does Lilah! I think she likes hearing her name in it. Plus, it’s better than the “I see you’re hynie” tune that I was singing before this.

Anyways, in preparation for the celebration, I’ve been having some fun. It all started with these great damask paper plates/cups/napkins that I picked up at Wally World a long time ago on a great discount. I thought some day I’d use them when one of my girlfriends needed a bridal shower, but alas, this came first.

I loved the colors mostly, but also the pretty pattern. So I decided to make this a theme for the baptism party and have been working on some fun decorations to match:

These little picks are for the (chocolate, or course) cupcakes that are yet to be made. Found the idea on flickr.

And I’m not quite sure where the garland is going to go, but thought it seemed fun anyways.

Anyways, we are getting very excited for the festivities this weekend – especially because we get to see all our nieces and nephews from out of town. We’ve been telling Lilah what a special day this is and even took her to the church service last week instead of leaving her in the nursery. I think she’s excited too :)


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