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Mar 15

Confessions of a Shameless Mother

Adding a third kid to our live has been a true transition. While we still have the same amount of hands, there are increasingly more diapers to be changed, faces to be wiped, books to be read, etc. Over the last three months since the baby arrived, I have noticed myself slipping. What used to be structured is no longer. For instance, I used to limit my kids to one 30-minute cartoon in the mornings. And maybe another in the evening while I was cooking dinner. But now, we often have the TV on for 1 – 2 hours while before preschool – it keeps them distracted as I buzz around the house getting everybody fed, dressed and ready for the day.

Today Lilah and I were browsing through pictures of my niece, Eva’s, birthday party on my computer. Lilah was commenting on most of them and when we came to the below shot of Owen in his party pirate hat, she pointed out that he was wearing the same thing today as he was wearing in that picture. As in STILL wearing it. The party was Saturday and today is Tuesday. Gulp. And, I even remember that Saturday wasn’t his first day to wear it! So, not only does that remind me that he has been wearing the same clothing for 4+ days, but that I can’t even remember the last time he had a bath!!

When our first was born, I remember changing her outfit at least once a day. And Brady and I giving her nightly baths. Now, I just don’t find the time, energy or motivation to do maintain that. But I do realize that I should strive harder to find the middle ground. So, I changed him right away and added “give Owen a bath” to my to-do list for the day. It went right after “clean the kitchen sink so Owen can take a bath in it”.


Jul 01

Confessions of a Shameless Mother.

So, I’m cleaning Graham’s room today and lift up the bedskirt on his crib. And what do I find? But a stash of my son’s tossed, finished bottles of milk. Nasty, dried, yellowed (even greened), rotten milk remains. Um, gross. Guess that’s what I get for breaking the Don’t-put-them-to-bed-with-a-bottle Rule. I really do try not to do it. But I guess this is proof that I have. But only seven times. I swear.

Seriously! How nasty are these! They must be like six months old to have the milk turn GREEN.

And the Mother of the Year Award goes to…

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