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Jun 30

What has chocolate done for you today?

Every girl needs a little chocolate in their life. But I am not every girl. I need more than just a little chocolate in my life. Like, truckloads more. But since truckloads aren’t feasible (where would I park a semi?), I’ll have to deal with a couple of doses each day.
And when trying to lose weight, chocolate is (contrary to previous beliefs) NOT a girl’s best friend. Darn it.
In my opinion, there are very few truly yummy, slightly lite chocolate foods. One of which is the Reduced Fat Oreo (thank you, Nabisco!) and the Skinny Cow (if you haven’t tried these, now is the time). And yesterday, I added one more to my chocolate-you-can-have-while-losing-weight list.
I was doing some weekly grocery shopping at Aldi, my cheap-store-of-choice, when I happened upon these little gems:
Pretty freakin fabulous. Three dollars worth of pure, chocolaty, creamy heaven. I’ve had these before by other brands, but had forgotten them (probably because they were overpriced?) In the dorms at K-State, they used to serve these and would would hoard them in our mini-fridge.
My advice? Fill your freezers now, gals. These things won’t last long with me in town!


Mar 24

On my fridge.

Randy Rogers tickets! I am super excited for the upcoming concert. Not sure if my excitement stems from the great music, or the idea of a night out!?! I’ve got over nine months of pent up energy here, ya know! Anyways, if you haven’t heard of the Randy Rogers Band, and you have any appreciation for country music, you will surely enjoy these guys. And I’m no talking about radio-country. Randy is red dirt country (although I have heard them on the radio more and more recently.) Hope you all can come out to support!!

On one of the nice days lately, we got out the sidewalk chalk. Aside from her thinking that the best place to draw is on Daddy’s truck (timeout!!), I am certain that there is a budding young artist inside her :)


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