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Going green. (A new reason to potty train.)

Everybody’s doing it, right? A few months ago, we started seriously recycling. We switched waste companies and started getting curbside recycling. In Wichita, you can now get a huge container that you can throw ALL your recyclables into. EVERYTHING. Paper. All plastics. Aluminum. Cardboard. Chipboard. Glass, etc. No sorting. No hauling it to your nearest Read more about Going green. (A new reason to potty train.)[…]


It’s good to have goals, right? And to be accountable. So that is what I am doing. I’m giving myself some goals to drop some LB’s. And by telling you, I’m making myself accountable. So, here we go. Goal: Drop weight by 17 poundsMethod: Eat healthier + be more active.Reward: Milestone rewards!Deadline: Vegas, baby! (A Read more about Goals.[…]