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Jun 23

Happy Birthday to Daddy.

So, it’s not actually Brady’s birthday, but Lilah kept getting confused when we’d mention that it was Father’s Day. So she sang Happy Birthday to him instead. In honor of the holiday, I’m sharing a few recent shots of Brady with our kids.

We spent the weekend in Clay Center with Brady’s family. Saturday afternoon was rainy, but that didn’t stop us from boating, tubing, grilling and playing at Milford Lake.

All these activities left my kids like this:

This shot was taken about thirty seconds before Lilah accidentally dropped her sippy cup on Graham’s forehead. Very tragic – left both of them crying for quite a while. A big dilemma I now have – which child do you comfort when they both need you??

And, yes, that is my oh-so-graceful daughter :)

I can’t even count how many times I’ve found Lilah sitting in her crib like this. Just waiting to get out after her nap. Usually, I am greeted with a “Hi, Mom. Whatcha doin’?”

Graham has become the king of sucking his thumb. He is such a self-soother. If he wants something to suck on, he pops his thumb in his mouth. He has started teething, so now he just chews his own lip. If the kid didn’t need to eat, I’m not sure he’d have much of a use for me!

First time in the big high chair! We also sampled some rice cereal, but that went nowhere. Exercise in frustration.

And for my final kid story of the day:
Lilah loves to wear sunglasses. She has several pairs and loves to accessorize with them. (I just hope that she doesn’t end up with the raccoon eyes that her Mommy gets every summer.) Anyways, whenever she really is looking at something, she always has to lift the glasses. Like, if she wants to look at me while I’m talking to her. Very hard to discipline a little girl when she’s doing that.


Jun 03


My husband, Brady, loves to fish. So much so that I’ve caught him sneaking to the pond in our back yard at sunrise on his day off just to throw a line in. So much so that he hauled the boat out to Cheney lake three times this weekend. So much so that when he fishes, he holds multiple poles at once to increase his chances of success.

Now that’s passion. And I love him for it. Do I love it when he comes home smelling of lake and beer and slimy fish? No, but I love that he’s truly exciting about this. Life is too short to not have that feeling.

I tagged along to Cheney lake once on Friday afternoon. It was the kind of weather that you only dream of. The kind that you wish you could bottle up and pour out during the cold winter months. Or during the steamy summer months. Or anytime really. Weather like that is NEVER inappropriate. We went minus kids and plus a cooler full of Lynchberg Lemonades. A big bag of sunflower seeds and a good book is what I brought along to keep me entertained while he was “passionate”. It was a great day, despite the lack of fish we brought home.


Sep 14

Whew, that was a long post.

Haven’t posted lately cause I’ve been extra busy. Last weekend, we threw my folks a surprise party in honor of my Mom’s 50th birthday and their 30th wedding anniversary. Lots of work to get it all pulled together without them finding out, but in the end, we did it. We had about 100 people show up to surprise them, and it definitely worked!

Anyways, the point is, I’ve been busy lately, but not busy blogging! So, this is going to be a very long run-on post. Sorry :)

Ok, where to start? How about here:

So, this is probably old news for many people, but I had to include anyways. This sonogram is very old – we are having another tomorrow, and maybe I’ll update soon. Baby is due February 12 which makes me almost halfway there!

Here are some photos from our Labor Day getaway we took to Grand Lake. Went with some friends – Kelly, Sarah and Bo Kaiser.

A weenie-roast we had with my family a while back. The kids loved being outside by the fire and, more importantly, the swingset :)

For the party, my sister-in-law, Jenny, and I made ‘s cupcake bites. So fun! I would recommend this project to anybody who loves chocolate, sprinkles and has a little patience :)

The party was a blast to plan and even more fun to enjoy. We had hor’doerves and drinks and a dance. I think everybody had a great time – I know my feet were sore the next day! I had just started to be able to feel the baby move – and the loud music and dancing got the little one going!

My parent’s – 30 years ago!! Check out that suit on Rick!

Table decorations.

My brother gave a very emotional (ha) speech and we all toasted to 30 more years!

My parent’s wedding party! How cute is that?!?

Me and my brother.

My nephew enjoying one of our cake bites.

I didn’t have many great pics from that night because in typical Kylie-fashion, I took my camera, but no batteries!

I’ll wrap this up with some pictures of Miss Lilah, who is doing all kinds of cute things these days like dancing to “Ring around the Rosie” and wearing her hair in a ponytail!!! She also did something really crazy this weekend – she slept until NOON yesterday! That made 16 hours of sleep in one night! We couldn’t believe it and kept going in to check on her, but she was snoozing away.

Okay, I promise not to get so behind again! (Ya, right.)


Jul 29

Getting my priorities straight.

Well, I’ll start with my latest big news: I have cut back my hours at the agency to part time. I now only work 3 days each week – Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Why is this awesome? Lemme tell you: Four days each week to be a mommy. Less days to endure the job stress. AND, one little switcheroo of days in and out of the office, and I’ve got a four-day-weekend.

And I did just that this weekend. Went with the fam to Beaver Lake (in Arkansas) and stayed at some friends’ lakehouse. It was FABULOUS. Just what we all needed. Only, we were so sad to leave and felt like there was not enough time there. Oh, well. Hopefully we’ll do it again.

It was a great opportunity for us to put our new boat to use, and a great opportunity to spend some quality time together/with the kids, play some board games, get some sun, do a little shopping, eat some delicious food, etc. My nephew, Jak, loved the water. Lilah, on the other hand, prefered to stay ON the boat. Guess that’s to be expected. Here’s some of the highlights in photos:

Lilah in one of the rare photos where I caught her smile. Anyone have any tips on how to deal with the delay that digital cameras have? I ALWAYS miss the smile!!! (But not this time :)

Miss Eva Mae in her bikini (which was Lilah’s last summer and it makes me a little sad to see her in it. Good thing she’s so darn cute!)

Eva’s contagious smile. She was such a champ on the boat.

Also a champ, Jak rode on the tube with his daddy. His curiosity and fearlessness kills me.

Lilah’s two favorite places. With Daddy and in control.

Another couple of favorites – with Papa and ice cream :) This came right before the smile you saw earlier.

Trever and Brady had to show the boys how its done. The most entertaining part was watching them climb onto the tube…

And this is the whole crew before we loaded up to leave today. Sad but smiling. From left to right: me, my brother, Trever, his son Jak, Brady, Cole (my brother Garrett’s friend), Garrett, my sister-in-law Jenny, her daughter Eva, and that’s my parents sitting down.

And one other completely unrelated photo, but I love it so I had to share. I got to spend a day with all three kids last week and had a great time doing it. Oreos are always a good way to keep them sitting still!


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