Well, folks. Break out the bubbly – Graham finally walked. We’ve been thinking for the past few months that any day he was going to take off. Good thing we didn’t hold our breath. He really started about a couple weeks ago and has been so proud of himself. At first, he only wanted to Read more about Upright.[…]

Birthdays and chocolate and cake, oh my.

Over a month ago (seriously, it’s been that long?!?!), my little guy turned one. As if that wasn’t a big enough milestone, we decided to baptize him then as well. Oh, and it was also Valentine’s Day. Is that enough reasons to party? I think so. Since it was Valentine’s, the theme for the party Read more about Birthdays and chocolate and cake, oh my.[…]

Me want cookies.

Last week, my neice Eva turned two and yesterday we celebrated. With an adorable Cookie Monster party theme. Now, if there ever was a little girl who loved cookies more than anybody in the world, Eva is her. She loves her cookies. So she was in heaven. There were Cookie Monster cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies Read more about Me want cookies.[…]

Confessions of a shameless mother – a new feature.

All moms do it, right? Things we’re not proud of. Things like skipping baths. Or “cooking” PB&J for four meals in a row, breakfast included. Or turning cartoons on so we can hide in our bedroom for some quiet time. Or, my personal favorite, putting a kid timeout for so long that you forget why Read more about Confessions of a shameless mother – a new feature.[…]

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