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Feb 14

One sweet day.

Lilah had her very first Valentine’s party at preschool last week. So one evening, we sat down and made valentines for all her classmates. I had seen an idea for matchbox valentines recently, so we went with that. They turned out to be an easy project and she enjoyed the process. Especially filling the boxes with the candy.

For the last few years, we have made pink heart-shaped pancakes on Valentines Day morning. So, of course, I continued the tradition today. The kids LOVE pancakes, so at least I know they will have full bellies.

Owen is barely fitting into his valentines shirt today. This boy is getting so big! He is two months old now and is in the 85% for his weight. At his check-up, the doctor called him a “tank”.

I hope you are all having a sweet day!

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Mar 08

Feeling lucky.

Do you remember these? And my vow to make a St. Patty’s version? Well, I actually followed through.

I had made the original Valentine’s version on some old pieces of cardboard. So, I just turned them over and painted on the back. Simple enough.

I am not as happy with these as I was the others, but they are festive and green, so they do the job. Lilah and I even got in the holiday decor mood and hung shamrocks up in the windows and made a green garland (you can see it hanging on the mantle also). She has a love affair with glue sticks, so this was a perfect project for her.

Now, all we need is some green beer. I think I’ll get Brady working on that!


Feb 08

Valentines DIY

So, with Valentine’s approaching and my son’s birthday this week, I am getting in the crafty mood. Been seeing lots of fun DIY projectsonline recently that I am putting on my “to-do” list. Wanted to share to see if any inspire you the way they have inspired me!

I actually attemped the cake stand this weekend and it was VERY simple. And inexpensive. Only needed to purchase the cardboard circles, and those were like $2 at the cake store. Also really want to get around to the little rose barrettes. I need more hours in the day!

Some of these have tutorials and some are just to give ideas. Enjoy!

1. Bakerella 2. One Charming Party 3. Kady Hope 4. Hanna Hoosier 4. Purl Bee via Twig and Thistle 5. Prudent Baby 6. Sew Mama Sew 7. Ali Edwards


valentine-banner2valentines-bouquet3Screen shot 2010-02-08 at 7.13.37 AMPurlBee_Rose_BarrettesJCasaSMSProjectJan2010envelopesdiycakestand_1FTL1036a00d83451bb3569e20120a86fcf43970b


Jan 28

The hostess with the mostest.

Our little guy is about to turn one. And as I’m trying to keep my mind off the fact that my baby is that old, I’ve been diving into planning his birthday celebration. We are actually baptizing him the same day, plus, it’s Valentine’s Day. So, lots to celebrate!

Have you seen many of the fabulous dessert tables and event design that is out there these days?? It’s incredible! So much attention to detail – it’s fabulous! Don’t believe me? Check some of this out:

This Ragedy Ann party is blowing me away. How cute is this???

And how about this little boy’s party??? Can somebody come pick my jaw up off the floor?

And a very sweet, yet hip, baby shower.


A A beach party that makes me long for summer days.


A super fun peppermint party.


Amy Atlas is like the mother of all dessert table design. (didn’t know there was such thing, did ya?) Wanna be amazed? Go check out her portfolio.

Screen shot 2010-01-27 at 11.32.45 PM

A little different than the birthday parties I was raised on. And while I am in love with all of this and would kill to be able to pull something like that off, I am aware of the fact that it is all overkill. Graham is only one, will never remember and will probably take a nap through half the party anyways. But, a girl can dream, right?


Since his party is on Valentine’s, we’re going with a “King of Hearts” theme. Today’s project was to make a crown for the little guy. I had a couple of other kids underfoot who wanted their own crowns, so they got some of my “prototypes”.



Jan 08



Christmas is over. Big sigh of relief. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas. I do. I love the giving and the receiving. The baking. The decorating. The celebrating.  The family traditions. The wonder and magic of the Christmas story and Santa and Rudolf and all the things that my daughter got excited for.

However, I am always ready for it to be over. And I’m guessing I’m not the only one. Ready to start eating healthy. Ready to get that tree down. Ready to stop spending, wrapping and packing.

So when I took down our holiday decorations on Monday, I felt very good. Until Brady came home from work and proclaimed that the house looked “empty”. Hmmm. I guess I agreed cause all of a sudden I was inspired to dig out some decor for the next holiday: Valentines. Only to realize that we didn’t have much. So, I thought I would get creative.

I pulled out some leftover cardboard, cut four 14×14″ pieces and started painting, cutting and ModgePodge-ing. Oh, how I love hands-on art! Incredibly more rewarding than working on a computer, which is what I do most days.


And when I looked at them this morning, I started thinking that maybe I could turn them over and use the other side for St. Pattys!! LOVE = LUCK??



Dec 15

Wichita Christmas Light Tour.

Tonight we took the kids on a Christmas lights tour across Wichita. It was so fun! I had done a little online research to hunt down some popular light displays. When Brady got home from work it was already dark and we headed out for some pizza and a drive. I loved seeing their little smiling faces glow from the lights shining on them. It made me remember just how cool I thought Christmas lights were when I was a kid.

I’ll share the list of houses/displays we visited in case anybody else wants to use it:

1. Lights on St. Paul – just north of Douglas, in between West St and Meridian. It was a drive-thru sponsored display – and the best of them all. If you had to pick only one place to go, this should be it. Donations accepted for a non-profit called The Arc. Bonus for the kids – candy canes at the end!

2. 1700 N. Park Place – A couple blocks west of 17th St and Broadway. This was a super-festive old home that was all kinds of lit up. A close second to the St. Paul display. And as a bonus, just one block east of it were two more very bright homes. In my opinion, this is a must-see to me, because I read online that this is the last year that the family is going to do the lights. And it must be true because there was a “for sale” sign in their yard.

3. College Hill – No specific address, we just drove around and saw lots of beautiful light displays. Nothing especially cool, but lots and lots of luminaries and pretty decor. If you had to skip one of the locations, this would be the one I’d skip. There was one street that was pretty cool – every home had 5-10 matching “light sticks” spread throughout the yard. Unfortunately, I don’t have the name of the street. Maybe I’ll get back to you on that.

4. 620 Stratford – Another must-see! This house had all their lights set to music that you could tune in on your radio. Very, very cool!!!

5. Lights on the Lake – East of Rock Rd. on 29th St. Another sponsored drive-thru display. Good, but shorter and slightly less impressive than the St. Paul one (no. 1). Donations accepted for Heartspring.

6. 1017 N. Azure Circle (aka Candy Cane Lane) – A suburban residential neighborhood cul-de-sac that was all done up. Very cool and will probably take the kids back there because it’s so close to home.Lilah loved this one even though it was our last stop and she was exhausted.


There were a couple that we ran out of time to hit. Are there any others you can suggest? You can click here to see a scan of the map and route that we followed. You’ll see the additional two that we skipped are marked on there as well. But I highlighted the ones we went to. Our route took us about an hour and 45 minutes.



Christmas is in full swing around here. Lilah plays with her little nativity set constantly and we sing Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer about three dozen times a day. We’re counting the days with a new nativity advent calendar that I found at Perfect Peace. We’ve been shopping and baking and wrapping and decorating. I even managed to get some Christmas cards out. Lilah woke up from her nap today and exclaimed, “It’s Christmas Eve!” No idea where she got that.

And meanwhile, Graham has been growing and changing more than ever. Yesterday, he figured out how to pull himself to standing. And last week, he started holding his own bottle. Seems like a small accomplishment, but to me, it is huge!

I hope you are all having a good holiday season! Merry Christmas!



Dec 19

Christmas 1.0

We celebrated Christmas with my husband’s family this past weekend and Lilah got her first real dose of holiday. She was excited about opening the gifts and even more excited about playing with them! We took her to see Santa and I think she was more into it than he was! And as a bonus, one of her favorite foods is turkey, so she had a great time all-around.

Her aunt Kimbrey made a huge platter of chocolate covered pretzels and peanut butter balls that she couldn’t keep her paws out of. I don’t know how many times we caught her at the dessert table reaching up for a couple more. She’s pretty sneaky, too!

And these are some adorable little Santa cookies that my SIL Micah made – might have to try that soon. They are made with Nutter Butter cookies.


Nov 04

Trick or treat.

How much would you love to open your door up to this?

Lilah was a candy corn for Halloween this year – and boy was she sure sweet. No pun intended :) I actually made her costume, which turned out to be no big deal. Pretty simple.

We finally got to carve our pumpkins a day or two before the holiday. My creative juices weren’t flowing that night, so the designs were pretty simple.

Lilah was not too sure what to think of the pumpkin guts. I couldn’t even get her to stick her hand in.

And a couple cute ones to top it off.

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Oct 29

Sweet Punkin Pie.

Along with my brother and SIL, we took the kids to the pumpkin patch this weekend. The guys complained because I told them to get used to it because two years in a row means that we are starting a yearly tradition! Anyways, we took lots of pic while the kiddos played around in the piles of pumpkins and I couldn’t help but look up last years photos to see the difference.

I actually think the kids were less squirmy and easier to get to pose for pictures last year. You could just plop them down on a pumpkin, make a goofy face and poof – beautiful photo. Not so much this year – we had to work much harder for them.

Big difference = none of this last year:

Miss Eva Mae Krehbiel

And definitely no girl-on-girl action last year. Lilah’s favorite thing to do with Eva is give her kisses. If Eva has her pacifier in, Lilah pulls it out, kisses her, and plops it back in. (She learned that from Jak.)


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