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Jun 04


A few weeks ago, my baby turned three. Not so much of a baby anymore. Although you wouldn’t know it by the incessant amount of hardcore whining, fit-throwing, diaper-wearing, milk-drinking that still goes on around here. But she does do her fair amount of “big girl” things as well. Like wearing big girl pants all day. Or sleeping in her big girl bed.

For her birthday, she wanted a little mermaid party. Easy enough. I put on my party-planning shoes and whipped up some super simple invites. They were supposed to look like a mermaid tail, but I’m not so sure that’s obvious.

For the party, we planned a swim at the YMCA, dinner, cake and digging for seashells in the new sandbox she got for her birthday.

And the kids got beta fish as party favors. She named hers Flounder and surprisingly, she is still alive. Even though Lilah wants to feed it about a dozen times a day.

The cake was fairly simple to make. Turned out kinda sloppy, but Lilah never noticed. I bought the topper and the little sugar flowers at Cake Stuff and had no major problems, aside from the incident where Lilah stuck her little fingers into it the first time she saw it.

Her birthday party landed on Mother’s Day, so we were also celebrating that. My SIL, Jenny, and I decided it would be a great idea to have a portrait taken of the four grandchildren and give it to my mom. We took the kids to Portrait Innovations and it was NIGHTMARE. That’s all I will say about that. Any more details, and I’d need to start another post. However, the photo turned out great and Mom loved it – so mostly worth it.

Happy Birthday, Lilah! Here’s to many, many more years of giggles! Love you!


Apr 28

Who knew?

I’ve never considered myself much of a seamstress. Sure, I can sew a straight line. But other than that, I get real intimidated behind the wheel of my sewing machine.

One thing that I have always wanted to do, but always was too scared, is to sew clothes for my kids. I’m not sure what it is that makes me nervous – maybe just the really small pattern pieces and curved seams. Just seemed like a project that would keep me and my seam ripper busy for days.

Anyways, I finally got up the courage to try it. I used a new pattern by Jackie Clark and it was super easy. Took me less than an hour and I didn’t even have to use my seam ripper once!

I went digging for fabric and ran across an old hand-embroidered/crocheted linen that I picked up at a yard sale long ago. Pre-embellished and perfect! This happened to be a table runner, but you could also use a table cloth or pillowcase. Seems like I run across lots of those at sales and thrift stores, but always walk away not knowing what to do with them!

This little top is a gift for our neice, Chloe, who is being baptized this weekend. I sure hope it fits!

My favorite part is the crochet edging around the bottom. I am dying to learn how to do this. Hoping to take a class on it or find a tutor someday. Anybody?

Pretty, right? Now, this makes me what to go to yard sales to round up some more vintage linens!


Apr 10

Handmade gifts.

For me, there is nothing better than a handmade gift. Whenever birthdays or holidays roll around, I always consider, “what can I make that this person would like?”. Last year, for Christmas, it was my goal to give every person a little something handmade. And, I succeeded. The person I had the hardest time with was our brother-in-law, Jeff. When I couldn’t think of anything to sew or craft for him, I remembered how much he loves my no-bake cookies – so he got a box of cookies (along with some gadget that Brady picked out.)

But anyways, my point is that you can come up with something to make for almost anybody. Little kids are the easiest, for sure.

You may or may not remember a little felt book that I made for my nephew over a year ago for Christmas. Well, at that time, I also started one for his sister, but ran out of time/ambition/energy before the holiday. Swore I’d get it done my her birthday that March. Well, of course, procrastination kicked in and I still hadn’t completed by the following holiday season.

But, alas, I got it done.

These little books were quite a bit of work, I will say. But, I thought that they turned out pretty darn cute! Thank goodness that these kids have short names!! (Each page is a letter of their name.)

I got the idea from a seller on Etsy.

Also for Christmas, I embroidered each kids’ initial onto some travel bags for them. As you can probably guess, this is MUCH easier to do than the books.

Proof that handmade gifts don’t have to be difficult. And that you can do it!

Now that I’ve written this, I am inspired to be crafty! Brady and Lilah are out of town for the weekend, so maybe Graham will take a good nap and I can get something accomplished!

FYI, Brady and I are headed out on a vacation to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico next week! I will return to scheduled programming when we return!


Mar 25

Birthdays and chocolate and cake, oh my.

Over a month ago (seriously, it’s been that long?!?!), my little guy turned one. As if that wasn’t a big enough milestone, we decided to baptize him then as well. Oh, and it was also Valentine’s Day.
Is that enough reasons to party? I think so.

Since it was Valentine’s, the theme for the party was pretty obvious. I called it the “Kind of our Hearts” party. Feeling inspired by some of the amazing desert tables going around the internet, I decided to go “all out”. (I may have also been high the day that decision was made 😉

Six glue sticks, five cake mixes, three jars of frosting and one crazy mama later:

Seriously, this was a lot of work. How do all these people pull it off? Maybe all those other mom’s out there aren’t doing it alone? I was exhausted after baking and decorating all day! Don’t get me wrong, it was fun and I loved planning and carrying out all the details, but it was a TON of work.

Like, if I still worked full time, this would have never happened.

Hell, if I still worked full time, I probably would have picked up cupcakes at Dillons and called Pizza Hut. (We also served lunch – pulled pork sandwiches, chicken salad sandwiches, fruits and veggies).

But anyways, enough about the work.

It all started with the invitations. These were pretty simple to make, and I had almost everything on hand already. I used an old deck of cards for them.

And more details from the party:

One of the reasons that this was time consuming was these little guys. I have a mini-bundt pan that cooks six of these at a time. I think I made like eight batches or something crazy like that – that is a lot of in-and-out of the oven, watching the timer, greasing the pan, etc, etc. BUT, aren’t they cute?!?!?

The cake stand was actually very simple (and cheap!!) and inspired by this easy tutorial.

The crown on top was originally going to be made from fondant. But, having never worked with it, I got intimidated at the last minute. This one is made from foam paper and served the purpose just as well.

For the wall art, I just used some leftover wrapping paper and taped it over the art. Be warned, this took a lot of tape and trial and error. Lots of error. (That damned thing would NOT stay up!)

Chocolate dipped pretzels. The strawberries were supposed to be dipped as well, but I ran out of energy. And chocolate.

And the birthday boy. Who loved his party, but mostly loved his cake. Which is a reminder of why, in the future, I need to just keep it simple.

Happy Birthday, Grahamsey.

All hail King G. (Which is what Brady and Lilah have nicknamed him.)

And I conclude this with a vow. A vow to never go overboard again.
At least until May. (Lilah’s birthday 😉


Nov 11

For a good cause.

craftfair1This weekend is my church’s craft fair. So my mom and I got together and stitched up these fabric balls to donate. Pretty cute, huh? I kinda don’t want to give them away! Graham has been loving playing with all of them. He thinks it’s hilarious to get hit in the head with them. Such a boy.


We used a tutorial – try it yourself! We also stuffed them with jingle bells and rice-filled easter eggs so they would jingle or rattle when played with. I thought the pattern was very easy to follow and we had everything on hand. A perfect craft.


We are going to try to sell the set of two for $9. What do you think of that price? Always so hard to know. Always seems like you never get anything out of handmade products. Good thing they are so fun to make!

The craft fair is this Saturday at:
West Heights United Methodist Church

745 Westlink
Wichita, KS


Mar 21


Baby announcements are done! Well, mostly. I have a few stragglers, but most of them are out! I had lots of fun making them and recruited my friend, Linds, to help with the labor. Projects like that are such a reminder of how much I appreciate hands-on creativity + design vs. on-screen. Sitting at the table with a friend and a bowl of (Starburst) jelly beans can be so much more enjoyable than sitting in a corner with my nose to a computer screen all day. Too bad it doesn’t pay the bills…

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Dec 09


I’ve been doing a little bit of Christmas crafting and baking and wanted to share:

These are pages from some books that I am making for my neice and nephew for Christmas. Each page features a letter of their names and an animal/word that starts with that letter. I got the idea from Etsy and fell in love with it. One book is done an the other still needs quite a bit of work…

And Lilah and I made some sugar cookies tonight – well, mostly she just licked the beaters and ate the cookies with her bedtime milk. Still, a sweet partner for sure :)

And this project isn’t for Christmas, but in preparation for our newest little one, we’ve been trying to reorganize rooms, etc to give everybody their own space. Lilah’s toys are all downstairs in a spare bedroom/toyroom now. Anyways, I made some canvases to tie it all together. I probably should have taken a shot of the rest of the room so you can see how it all came together (plus see the great quilt that my aunt made us as a wedding quilt and is now on the bed in that room) – another post sometime… Oh, I must say that I did not come up with these all on my own – they were inspired by these.

And, last but not least – I had to share this because I think every woman should know this recipe. It’s the easiest, quickest way to get a couple dozen warm cookies on a plate in a pinch. Just three ingredients:

Easy Peanut Butter Cookies
1 egg
1 cup sugar
1 cup peanut butter

350? for 10 minutes.

Made some for my thanksgiving because my brother-in-law always appreciates them. And when it’s that easy, why not?

And, I leave you with this:

I cut Lilah’s bangs myself today. I decided that they grow way too fast to be running her into a salon to keep up with them. All in all, it didn’t go too bad. She sat pretty still (because of the handful of M&Ms) and it came out pretty straight. But, I don’t think I’ll be quitting my day job any time soon!


Aug 12

Something to blog about.

ade another sale on Etsy. A baby book for a little girl named Sailor Mae. How sweet is that. Her nursery is decorated in black and white damask and pink – so I made the book to match. Fun to get back in the creating world.

And for those of you who just visit my blog to see pictures of Lilah, here ya go:


Mar 02


It’s official! I have an Etsy store! I’m not quite sure why I’m so excited about this, since it was pretty simple to set up, but I am.

If you don’t know much about Etsy, well, YOU SHOULD! It’s an awesome place to find great handmade art from across the world and also, a great place to market your own handmade things. I must confess – I’m an Etsy-addict. It’s like my morning coffee – I check it each day to get a little hand-on inspiration.

This has been a busy week with several projects going on, including a fun new craft that I haven’t done in quite a while – beadwork. Nothing is complete yet, but when it is, I’ll share.

Also, I am pretty excited because today I met with a friend with whom I am going to be doing some design work for: Jackie Clark. She is a very talented and interesting woman who designs textiles and sewing patterns, among many things it seems. I’ve mentioned her before and I am really looking forward to what is to come. Her current pieces are composed of beautiful colors and photography, which sets the stage nicely for me. She even gave me a little package of some of her patterns and fabrics!

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Feb 25


Welp, it’s official – Lilah is baptized! And it was awesome. I just want to say that I LOVE the baptism sacrament at our church! Rev. Cindy did a wonderful job – my favorite part is when the entire family and congregation take the vows with the parents.

And the vows that Brady and I took were just perfect. “Do you believe that Lilah has God-given talents that are unique to her?”

Yes! Yes!

“Do you vow to bring Lilah up in the Christian faith?”

Yes again!

I don’t think I stopped nodding through all the questions :)

Anyways, Lilah was an angel, of course – and the party went well. We had a great turn out of mostly family and a few friends. The perfect group to share such an occasion with.

Lilah got some great gifts – among them a handmade necklace from my folks, a personalized “Lilah” pillow from her Great-Aunt Mary Kay, and the SWEETEST bib set ever, made for her by her Aunt Casi. My favorite bib was the little weiner-dog with the bell on his collar.

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