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Mar 08

Project No. 9 – St. Patrick’s Day art

Finally got the Valentine’s décor down! Luckily, I designed my “LOVE” signs to just be flipped around for the next holiday – St. Patrick’s Day! If it’s not super easy, it may not get down around here, ya know.

I also wanted to replace the heart art that I made last month. So I put together this little sign. And I thought I’d share it here too. The quote beneath it reads “A best friend is like a four leaf clover: hard to find and lucky to have.” Who doesn’t feel that way about the people they love?

CLICK HERE to download a printable version of this for your home.


Nov 09

Project No. 1

Remember my pledge? Welp, project number one is complete and I’m here to report substantial progress on the quilt I started as well.

With I had to take down my Halloween mantel decorations, the mantel was looking sorta bare. So I put together this super simple, quick “Fall” banner.

See – easy, right? Just cut some squares of burlap, hand lettered the FALL letters and hot-glued on some rick rack. I would like to add some sort of garland or foliage to the mantel still, but this was a quick fix.

In other fall décor news, guess which 11-month old has been dining on my decorative balls? Seriously!! What the heck?? We are constantly taking these away from him. I am being really stubborn though and keeping them on the table, hoping he’ll eventually learn that they are not toys (or food!).

And I have completed the quilt top I started. Next, I need to find a backing fabric and get it all quilted together. This part of the process always overwhelms me, so starting is the biggest step.

Last night I had bunco with the girls and came home to find that the hubby had helped the kids make me a little turkey craft. How sweet was that?! They made it out of their hands and were SUPER proud of themselves. I love those kiddos!

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Jan 26

Graham’s room.

When I was pregnant, we had the task of determining where to put our kids with the addition of the new baby. We contemplated putting the baby in with one of the older kids, moving the older kids in together or moving our oldest downstairs to her own room. In the end, we decided to keep them all separate by moving Lilah into what was once our guest/toy room downstairs.

This meant that we moved Graham into Lilah’s old room (keeping the nursery for the pending baby). Not only was it decorated for a girl, it was DISGUSTING. The walls were beyond nasty. The first thing we did was paint it and it immediately felt beautiful. The wall color didn’t change that much, we just painted it a little bit warmer gray.

We didn’t have to buy any furniture, thankfully. We are borrowing the crib from family, and we weren’t moving the dresser and play table to Lilah’s new room. The super cool “G” toy box was built by my incredibly talented brother last year for Graham’s birthday. We love it because there is no hinged lid to come crashing up and down. The two doors slide back and forth perfectly.

The license plates belonged to Brady’s grandfather and had been stashed in our garage for years. I was happy to use them – and surprised to find four that matched the colors in the room!

The growth chart was made by Graham’s aunt Casi – it was also a gift last year for his birthday. Don’t we have the most talented family??

I painted/collaged these canvases a while back for the kids’ toy room. They are modeled after these prints. The two globes were auction finds and just needed a coat of paint – they had gold hardware on them before.

And I made the “Oh, the places you’ll go” sign. I have always loved that Dr. Seuss book and with the globes below, it just made sense. You can’t tell it in these photos, but I used sheets of lined notebook paper to make the letters – they are decoupaged on. We had this huge canvas hanging in our garage that was from Brady’s college days. He and his college roommates had it hanging at their house and whenever they had a party, guest would sign it. See below for the before. You might notice my name in big red marker in the middle – that is from our early dating days :)

And the little guy has loved his room. Of course, it is always WAY messier than this. He is really into trains now, so there is constantly a layer of little train cars and tracks covering the floor. It’s a dangerous place to walk.

And we are happy with the way that we separated our kids. Lilah has been sleeping great downstairs and surprisingly, has never once questioned being so far away from us. I guess she’s too little to realize it. I’m just glad that the two older ones are sleeping all night, cause this baby boy is not!


Jul 26


With a new baby coming in December, we have been talking lots about where to put all these kids! We have three bedrooms upstairs and one (plus and office) downstairs. Currently, each kid has their own room, and the extra room downstairs is for guest and toys. So, the big decision is: do we combine a couple kids so that they can all be upstairs with us? OR, do we move Lilah downstairs so they can each have their own space. And most importantly, their own sleeping privacy.

We go back and forth on the decision. But it’s looking like we are going to move, Lilah, who will be 3-and-a-half, downstairs. Then Graham will go from his nursery to Lilah’s current room.

So, this leaves me with a big redecorating project! I get easily overwhelmed with just one room, so doing the two is definetly throwing me. First step will be to paint both the spaces. Lilah’s room is especially gross – I am looking forward to covering that mess up!

I have been doing a little research for ideas and colors to use, keeping in mind that I don’t want to spend much money on these rooms. Fortunately, we don’t need to buy much furniture, except another crib for Graham. There are lots of nice places to look for inspiration out there, like OhDeeDo or Flickr for example. These can make me want to go over the top, but I am going to try to keep myself grounded.

Today I came across this mural that I am wondering if I could do something similar to for Graham’s room. I am loving the font and subtle color variations they used. Seems simple enough, right? Stay tuned for future updates on this project!


Jul 06

The Fourth, firecrackers and floods.

Happy 4th to everybody! If you live anywhere near me, you probably had the same Forth of July experience that we did: WET. A couple months ago, we had booked three nights in cabins at Cheney Lake for this holiday weekend and were very much looking forward to it. Might as well have stayed at home because we didn’t even ONCE get in the water. It rained and rained and rained!! The rain wasn’t too big of deal for the first day or so – we made the best of it by playing cards and games of washers and french darts in between the rain showers. But by the third day, Sunday, we were tired of it. So when the water started flooding the campground we were in, we bolted. Sad, but much better to be back on dry ground. So we celebrated my baby brother’s 16th birthday (16!?!?! What?!?!) at my folks’ house.

We still had a great time + we got to light fireworks, which were prohibited at the state park. We even painted faces and got some decent pictures of the little kiddos. They were all kinds of cheesy, which was a nice change!

Next up, a week of birthdays (Brady’s, mine, and hopefully a new Krehbiel baby!) and four whole days with no kids! Brady’s kind parents are keeping them for us…Yay!!!!!


Feb 23

Out on a limb.

Last fall, I was yearning for a family tree for our wall. I looked all over the web and never really found one that I thought was right. So, one night I got inspired and made my own. I knew I wanted it to be organic, or able to grow, should we decide to have another baby (a whole different post altogether!). I ended up with this piece which still puts a smile on my face when I walk past every day. The visual representation of what my life has become is so meaningful to me and a great reminder of my little family. It just feels so comfortable.

Soon after, my MIL’s birthday was approaching, so I made one for her. This one was much more involved because it was three generations but really cool to see come together. She has four kids who are each married + eight grandkids. The family is not done growing, so it needed to have room for up to 22 people. It ended up taking longer than I hoped and became her Christmas present. Aside from a few typos (typical, Kylie), she seemed genuinely happy with it.

Then my friend, Lindsey, hit me up for another one as a Christmas gift for her mom. I was happy to help, especially because her family is small (read: more simple to make).

So there you have it. Three family trees. And I’ve decided I really enjoyed the process so much that I am going to take a chance and see if I can find anybody else to pay me to make them :) See my etsy shop here. I’d love to hear what you think!


Jan 28

The hostess with the mostest.

Our little guy is about to turn one. And as I’m trying to keep my mind off the fact that my baby is that old, I’ve been diving into planning his birthday celebration. We are actually baptizing him the same day, plus, it’s Valentine’s Day. So, lots to celebrate!

Have you seen many of the fabulous dessert tables and event design that is out there these days?? It’s incredible! So much attention to detail – it’s fabulous! Don’t believe me? Check some of this out:

This Ragedy Ann party is blowing me away. How cute is this???

And how about this little boy’s party??? Can somebody come pick my jaw up off the floor?

And a very sweet, yet hip, baby shower.


A A beach party that makes me long for summer days.


A super fun peppermint party.


Amy Atlas is like the mother of all dessert table design. (didn’t know there was such thing, did ya?) Wanna be amazed? Go check out her portfolio.

Screen shot 2010-01-27 at 11.32.45 PM

A little different than the birthday parties I was raised on. And while I am in love with all of this and would kill to be able to pull something like that off, I am aware of the fact that it is all overkill. Graham is only one, will never remember and will probably take a nap through half the party anyways. But, a girl can dream, right?


Since his party is on Valentine’s, we’re going with a “King of Hearts” theme. Today’s project was to make a crown for the little guy. I had a couple of other kids underfoot who wanted their own crowns, so they got some of my “prototypes”.



Jan 08



Christmas is over. Big sigh of relief. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas. I do. I love the giving and the receiving. The baking. The decorating. The celebrating.  The family traditions. The wonder and magic of the Christmas story and Santa and Rudolf and all the things that my daughter got excited for.

However, I am always ready for it to be over. And I’m guessing I’m not the only one. Ready to start eating healthy. Ready to get that tree down. Ready to stop spending, wrapping and packing.

So when I took down our holiday decorations on Monday, I felt very good. Until Brady came home from work and proclaimed that the house looked “empty”. Hmmm. I guess I agreed cause all of a sudden I was inspired to dig out some decor for the next holiday: Valentines. Only to realize that we didn’t have much. So, I thought I would get creative.

I pulled out some leftover cardboard, cut four 14×14″ pieces and started painting, cutting and ModgePodge-ing. Oh, how I love hands-on art! Incredibly more rewarding than working on a computer, which is what I do most days.


And when I looked at them this morning, I started thinking that maybe I could turn them over and use the other side for St. Pattys!! LOVE = LUCK??



Nov 10

Lilah’s room.


This is where Lilah sleeps. And plays dolls. And sits in timeout. And gets dressed. And dances to the Mickey Mouse song on the table. And just about anything her little imaginative mind can think of.

She’s been in this room for about a year – we moved her out of her “nursery” shortly before Graham was scheduled to arrive.


We didn’t paint the room or spend much money on it. Almost everything in there we already had – the only real purchase for it was a dresser. Which I’m hoping will hold all her clothes for many years. The little table with bins was a gift (came from Target) and we are borrowing the crib from her cousins in KC. We haven’t made the leap from the crib to the big-girl bed yet. Mostly because we’re scared. No, scratch that – terrified. Of what will happen when she realizes that she doesn’t have to stay in her bed after we shut the door at night. So far, she has never tried to climb out on her own (knock on wood) – only with help from her cousin when he spends the night. I am secretly hoping that she’ll never realize that she could climb out on her own and we can keep her in there until she’s 18. Sure would help her daddy sleep better at night, I bet!


My favorite part of the room are these two letterpress prints. I think they are super cool without being extremely girly or childish. I actually bought them before I even had kids cause I loved them so much. They came from Land of Nod – which has lots of art and décor that fits that same description. When she first started sleeping in this room, we had several incidents with her knocking these off the wall. But, Daddy fixed the broken frames, attached them more firmly and now they stay put.


And this is the kind of mess that is generally going on in there. Except all over the floor, too. And all over the house, really. Which reminds me of one of my favorite quotes:

“Cleaning when children are small is like shoveling snow in a snowstorm.”

So, so true.


Nov 09

Shelf makeover.


I’ve had this photo shelf for quite some time – it was a gift from a friend back in college. Over the years, it’s hung on many walls and held a variety of photos. I hung it in my daughter’s room last year when we moved her out of the nursery. And I’ve been meaning to put some photos of her in the frames and have never gotten around to it. (As if I don’t have a MILLION pictures of her.)

Anyways, got a wild hair to do something other that photos. And since I’m sorta addicting to monogramming things, I went with her initials (Lilah Mae Rott). Clever, huh? I used up some random scraps of fabric, layered two pieces together and hand-stitched the letters. Cut away the center and ta-da! the bottom fabric is revealed. Pretty. Simple. Pretty simple.


Kinda funny that her initials are L and R. Looks like “left” and “right”.

Stick around – cause while I was in her room tidying-up, I snapped some shots of the rest of it…I’ll be sharing those soon, too.


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