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Mar 08

Feeling lucky.

Do you remember these? And my vow to make a St. Patty’s version? Well, I actually followed through.

I had made the original Valentine’s version on some old pieces of cardboard. So, I just turned them over and painted on the back. Simple enough.

I am not as happy with these as I was the others, but they are festive and green, so they do the job. Lilah and I even got in the holiday decor mood and hung shamrocks up in the windows and made a green garland (you can see it hanging on the mantle also). She has a love affair with glue sticks, so this was a perfect project for her.

Now, all we need is some green beer. I think I’ll get Brady working on that!


Jan 08



Christmas is over. Big sigh of relief. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas. I do. I love the giving and the receiving. The baking. The decorating. The celebrating. ┬áThe family traditions. The wonder and magic of the Christmas story and Santa and Rudolf and all the things that my daughter got excited for.

However, I am always ready for it to be over. And I’m guessing I’m not the only one. Ready to start eating healthy. Ready to get that tree down. Ready to stop spending, wrapping and packing.

So when I took down our holiday decorations on Monday, I felt very good. Until Brady came home from work and proclaimed that the house looked “empty”. Hmmm. I guess I agreed cause all of a sudden I was inspired to dig out some decor for the next holiday: Valentines. Only to realize that we didn’t have much. So, I thought I would get creative.

I pulled out some leftover cardboard, cut four 14×14″ pieces and started painting, cutting and ModgePodge-ing. Oh, how I love hands-on art! Incredibly more rewarding than working on a computer, which is what I do most days.


And when I looked at them this morning, I started thinking that maybe I could turn them over and use the other side for St. Pattys!! LOVE = LUCK??



Jun 24

Lessons learned.

Stumbled upon this great artist on Etsy that makes the most fun little series of prints that address all the things our parents told us a million times (and, now that I am a parent, I say myself!) I love these because it makes light of all the words we use as parents. Lately I have been feeling like my words mean nothing to Lilah. However, tonight we had a breakthru moment: we were playing on the floor and she somehow found the TV remote (for like the millionth time) and I immediately said, “No, no Lilah, give it to Mommy” and she toddled over to me and stuck out her pudgy little hand that clenched the remote! So there it was, she listened :)

Couple other things.
1. I’m a single mom this week, for eleven days to be exact. My husband went on a marathon fishing trip and won’t be back until next sunday! (Hmmm. probably not the safest info to be put on the internet, huh?)
2. I am a pink, single mom this week. Went to the community pool yesterday with a friend and my brother and the kiddos and came back lobster-like. Makes me feel like I am young again! Why young? Cause I used to be able to fry my skin playing in the water at the lake/pool and never think twice about it. Now, we’re always trying to prevent getting too much sun, which is healthy and makes sense, but just doesn’t feel as good.
3. Brady took my camera to Canada on his fishing trip. Seriously, who in their right mind would want to miss eleven days of Lilah pictures just so they can take photo after photo of grown men holding up squirmy, slimy fish? Anyways, no new photos for a while – especially bummed that there are no photos from our day at the pool :(
4. Went to the Prairie Quilt Guild Quilt show this weekend and had a GREAT time. Incredibly inspiring and very beautiful artwork on display. Makes me wish I had more time to quilt…
5. Lilah has a new boyfriend. His name is Blankie. He is brown and she is in LOVE.
6. Some big changes coming my way soon with my career. Don’t have all the details worked out yet, but should be all in good directions… very excited and ready for a change in our family lifestye.

Ok, I leave you with some summer photos of my girl. We’re loving the sun and enjoying being one-year-old more and more every day!


Mar 02


It’s official! I have an Etsy store! I’m not quite sure why I’m so excited about this, since it was pretty simple to set up, but I am.

If you don’t know much about Etsy, well, YOU SHOULD! It’s an awesome place to find great handmade art from across the world and also, a great place to market your own handmade things. I must confess – I’m an Etsy-addict. It’s like my morning coffee – I check it each day to get a little hand-on inspiration.

This has been a busy week with several projects going on, including a fun new craft that I haven’t done in quite a while – beadwork. Nothing is complete yet, but when it is, I’ll share.

Also, I am pretty excited because today I met with a friend with whom I am going to be doing some design work for: Jackie Clark. She is a very talented and interesting woman who designs textiles and sewing patterns, among many things it seems. I’ve mentioned her before and I am really looking forward to what is to come. Her current pieces are composed of beautiful colors and photography, which sets the stage nicely for me. She even gave me a little package of some of her patterns and fabrics!

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Jan 15

A little paint under my nails.

Finally had some time to get my hands dirty. I started these over the weekend and put some more layers on last night. Of course, I was inspired by something. I’ve been needing some art for the walls of my studio at home – so need breeds creation. This was VERY fun to do – just might find an excuse to make some more soon. I’m most excited because it appears I might actually finish a project I started!

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