Feb 20

Choo choo, Graham is two.

Our son, Graham, turned two last week. Because he is in love with trains right now, we threw him a train-themed party.
train birthday cake and table

I had this dream of buying a fabulous cake so I wouldn’t stress myself out about making/decorating a cake. But when I started price-checking cakes like I wanted, I quickly retreated. So I whipped out my trusty old cake mix boxes and got to baking. The cake didn’t turn out anything like what I wanted, but I was still happy with it. I used cookie crumbs and chocolate frosting to make a track around the perimeter for his toy trains to sit on.

I also threw together a larger train car for snacks. I used shoe boxes, covered them in brown paper grocery bags and made the wheels out of rolled up strips of black felt. One of the cars had wheels made out of some vintage coasters.

We also had some sugar cookies made by a friend of my mom – and I was so happy with them! Adorable! My favorite was the RR crossing sign and the stop light. We used these as party favors for the kids as well.
train party cookies
For low cost decorations, I made him a birthday sign out of cardboard and reused our 4th of July pennant banners. I made the sign to match the party invitation that we mailed out. He was really funny with his invitation – he carried them around the house and called them his “tards”.
train invitation
Graham absolutely loved his day. He loved all the attention and all the snacking. He was super excited for presents and told each giver “than-too” after he unwrapped. We even had a difficult time pulling him away from his new toys to blow out his candles. But once he got to it, he was thrilled to hear his birthday song and huff, puff and blow his candles out. He was so darn cute doing it that we let him do it a couple more times.

Happy second birthday, Grahamser. It’s been two sweet years – here’s to many more!



  1. Sarah says:

    Adorable party, as always!! Love all the decor and the cake turned out great! Can you believe the little stinker is already TWO!?! Oh how time flies!

  2. Michelle says:

    Absolutely precious! What a sweet day for a sweet boy! Love all your decorations!!

  3. Jesse says:

    Love love love the cake. I was looking for a train cake for my son’s second next month and this one is perfect! Great job!

  4. Brooke says:

    LOVE your party pictures! Everything looks perfect. My son is train crazy too and has a 2nd birthday just around the corner. Could you share with me where you got the sign and party invite? Many thanks!

  5. Kylie says:

    Thank you! I think little boys and their love of trains is the sweetest. You can purchase a printable for the invitation on my Etsy page and if you are interested in a printable to make your own sign, I can set up a listing for you. Just let me know if you’re interested.

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