Upright. – Kylie Rott: Designer


Well, folks. Break out the bubbly – Graham finally walked.

We’ve been thinking for the past few months that any day he was going to take off. Good thing we didn’t hold our breath.

He really started about a couple weeks ago and has been so proud of himself. At first, he only wanted to walk when somebody was watching and would praise him afterwards. Attention hog, huh? But, he’s come around since then and I rarely see him on all fours any more. Exciting and sad at the same time. Milestones like that force you to face the reality that your baby is becoming a toddler. That, and the temper tantrums. But that’s a whole ‘nother post all together.

So, congrats to Graham, good riddance to all those pants with holes in the knees and hello to bumped heads and busted lips.