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On my mind.

What’s on  my mind today? Getting my kids to eat better, that’s what.

One of the things that has always worried me about teaching my kids good eating habits is that I am an incredibly picky eater myself. And kids, in my opinion, pick up their tastes directly from, ahem, mommy and daddy. Now, I’m not the most picky eater ever, but there are many foods that I stray away from. Namely, there are lots of fresh fruits and vegetables that I won’t touch – like pears, blueberries, cantelope, watermelon, avacados, cucumbers, tomatoes and green peppers. I know, that’s bad, huh?? I also would never eat a fruit that’s been cooked (i.e. applesauce, apple pie, or any kind of pie for that matter!)

I have always thought that I would not let my kids grow up to be so picky! And I have also felt like I make a pretty good effort at that. But last week, during a lunch playdate, when Lilah was given a plate with sliced cucumbers and diced cherry tomatoes on it and stared at it with complete bewilderment, I realized that I have been slacking lately.

So, here’s to a renewed effort. To buy and cook and feed my kids a more balanced variety of foods that I wouldn’t naturally eat myself. And who knows, maybe I’ll find a few new foods for myself.

During my latest grocery trip, I purchased several foods that I wouldn’t normally consider. And have been sneaking them onto my kids plates over the past few days. Some hits, some misses. But I don’t give up on the first attempt – according to this article, a kid can take up to 20 times to realize they like the new flavor.

For instance, I have been giving Graham cucumbers (yuk!), cherry tomatoes (ewe!) and low-fat cottage cheese (which is something I like, but rarely buy because Brady’s not into it. Proof that I’m not the only picky eater in this house!) throughout the past few days with here-and-there success. But today, I made him a plate of cottage cheese mixed with diced tomatoes, grilled turkey breast and cucumbers and … he finally pulled through and actually ate it! All of it. Seriously. Now, don’t get me wrong, I had to use a few strategic moves. Included (but not limited to) mixing cottage cheese with cucumbers (gross me out!) and (very realistic) airplane sounds/motions.

What foods do you dislike that you wish you did – and want your kid to appreciate? Do you have this same challenge? I’d love to hear.

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  • I agree with that statement of taking 20 times for a kid to accept a new food. I think sometimes it takes years. Today I just about flipped when Jonas ate pineapple after shunning it until now. He acted like he had never had a problem with it. . .

    . . . As far as foods that I don’t –celery. . . what’s up with that vegetable? I even omit it from recipes most of the time. I also can’t say cauliflower is that tasty. . . Here’s something weird most of our kids like–olives! I can’t stand the green ones though.

  • I love reading your blog, it is so much better than Dr Spock, parenting magazine, or zig-lar, “How to raise positive kids in a negative World”. But I will tell you I am so much like you it is scary. For some reason I was always in charge of food at the office party’s. I had a frien Gail and she always would put fruit, fruit salad whatever, and I would always tell her we need more of the other stuff, stuff people would eat? I always made the homemade mashed potatoes, just because the dinner wouldn’t be complete. My niece Chandler always said I wait for the holiday dinner because she wanted Aunt Renee’s mashed potatoe’s, Charlene the same way, I thought how pathetic, most Aunt’s are famous for their noodles or cakes, pies, etc.

  • My kids were great eaters, we met Rod on the Inter-state passing thru Mustang, he had an ag teacher with him. We went the Kettle, the kids had only been aroung him a few time. Rod, friend and I were in a booth. Nathan and Shana were at a table for 2 by us. They got the menu and I helped them order, they were 5 and 7. They both loved spaghetti, the meal came and they both set their and stared at it, I got up, with my back to the table with Rod, facing the kids I asked “What is wrong” and they we are not eating this, and I am wanting to kill them and they said this is “Gross, look at all the water” The waitress came by and I exsplained it to her, she goes and draind the plates. Same thing they set their and stare. I get up again and by this time Rod starts to notcie I ask what is wrong they said this is just sauce and it don’t have any meat in it.. I did the grtit my teeth and said try a liitle bit and when leave we will stop at Micky D’s. I had to explain it to Rod and he said just order them something else, I didn’t tell him I was taling them to MCDonalads whene we leftl

  • Yay for new foods! Perhaps Genna rubbed off a bit ? However, thank GOD her “hitting” habit did not! 🙂

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