Jan 08



Christmas is over. Big sigh of relief. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas. I do. I love the giving and the receiving. The baking. The decorating. The celebrating. ┬áThe family traditions. The wonder and magic of the Christmas story and Santa and Rudolf and all the things that my daughter got excited for.

However, I am always ready for it to be over. And I’m guessing I’m not the only one. Ready to start eating healthy. Ready to get that tree down. Ready to stop spending, wrapping and packing.

So when I took down our holiday decorations on Monday, I felt very good. Until Brady came home from work and proclaimed that the house looked “empty”. Hmmm. I guess I agreed cause all of a sudden I was inspired to dig out some decor for the next holiday: Valentines. Only to realize that we didn’t have much. So, I thought I would get creative.

I pulled out some leftover cardboard, cut four 14×14″ pieces and started painting, cutting and ModgePodge-ing. Oh, how I love hands-on art! Incredibly more rewarding than working on a computer, which is what I do most days.


And when I looked at them this morning, I started thinking that maybe I could turn them over and use the other side for St. Pattys!! LOVE = LUCK??




  1. Sarah says:

    Absolutely LOVE this!! Wish I had a bit of your creativity and talent :)

  2. Michelle says:

    “Love” it! :)

  3. Micah says:

    I love it too. You make me feel less cuckoo for stitching fabric hearts to hang in the bathroom. . . It must be a designer urge. . . I’ve had to tell myself not to go buy decorations DAILY. Your “LOVE” decor is beautiful!

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